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testeLeonardo Coelho is a journalist, photographer and a researcher

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 Based in Rio, I have been working in this city as a multidisciplinary journalist. Today, I am a collaborator at IMPA – Nacional Institute for Pure and Applied Mathmatics – Press agency team. Independently, as a writer, I did a pitch on Rio´s violence on Vice Brasil, exposing a story on the five years anniversary of “Complexo do Alemao” pacification by the PPU´s, the Pacifying Police Units, and what was the consequence of this interpreted by the drawings of local kids. As a photojournalist, I most recently made a photo contribution for The Groundtruth Project that was published on Newsweek with the title “Why The Progress Made by Brazil’s Black Activists Might Now Unravel”. Also as a photographer, this time for a Norwegian newspaper called Morgenbladet, I made a photoessay on Rio´s problems just before the Olympics. As a videographer, I was responsible for the Rio´s video capture on the program by the Bertelsmann Foundation called The Crossroads Brazil. Finally, as a producer, I helped developing different stories on Rio with YLE correspondant Heidi Lipsanen. I was also comissioned on assigments for newspapers like Correio Braziliense and Estado de Minas. Other published works happened as a freelance contributor to an agency called FramePhoto, based in São Paulo.


Experience in developing and diagramming for newspaper – see here – photojournalism, video and audio recording; development of webdocs.

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